Was I in a hurry to see the world?
Impatient to meet the voice that rocked and soothed me as much as it warmed me?
I don’t know.
I arrived early, very tiny, and at dawn.
Fragile and eager to put a face as quickly as possible to the one I know like the back of my hand and who rocked me gently in her womb.
My mother’s radiance does not encompass me yet.
I am worried because I have left the heart of the warmth,
the bright sunshine of life-giving cells. I am waiting for the sense of well-being to flood into me again.

If babies could speak, they would say the word skin before they say mummy-daddy because skin forms their most beautiful cradle.




It is Abuela who says that. Abuela is my grandmother, and she brought me my first and most beautiful gift, the one that keeps my heart and my body warm. As I shall learn later.

At the moment, I’m just babbling. Everyone talks about me, but I don’t speak yet. I communicate in expressions, smiles, satisfied little vowel sounds. My fearful tears fade away… my mother’s skin keeps me warm, enveloped in the baby band Abuela gave us. Because my grandmother knows the mothers’ secret, passed down from mother to daughter, the secret of kangaroo mother care. A dove from Colombia, she brought us back this little band, this simple piece of cloth that allows us to truly give of ourselves. A gentle, simple and effective band that keeps me, skin to skin, against the belly I came from; today, tomorrow and every other day, until my weight reaches four kilos.


Post-natal restlessness has given way to plenitude. We have been dermis to epidermis, my mother pregnant, me in direct and continuous contact, and now, my head gently on one side, the top of the baby band tucked below my ear, I suckle, and I gently breathe in and out, snuggled skin to skin.
Wrapped up with my mother, I rely on her, and she also rests. She’s gaining in confidence, and I’m growing. Daddy also loves that we can be this close. Relaxed, chest against chest, he can rest without fear of squashing me. Calm, close to each other, bathed in affection, protected from infections, I am a baby stimulated to the ultimate degree.

Magical skin, containing the elements of life!




“I too want to contribute to the health and well-being of infants and their parents!”
My mother is full of confidence, and I am growing fast.
“Thibaut, little one, you’ve given me a great idea!
This skin-to-skin cradle, this baby band gift from Abuela, I want to offer it to all mothers, in all maternity hospitals, in every home, whatever their age, culture, or religion.
This baby band, now, this is my job, my big boy!”
All mothers are busy, mine is an entrepreneur.
She had to go off to find the best fabrics to preserve the tissue that bonds us, the ultra-sensitive skin of the infant. I have seen samples of jersey, high-density cotton/elastane, without contamination or heavy metals.
Not to mention the quest for the purest hypoallergenic, breathable cotton that doesn’t slip and absorbs moisture.
I even thought I was going to have a little brother…
It was his ideas that made the little ones.



“Thibaut, don’t get in my way when I’m busy with the fabrics!”
Mum is busy with the coloured fabrics, the room is flooded with light and her smile…We are in Portugal, a country that shimmers with its palette of colours, the radiance of life in its pigments.

My parents and their associates finally selected natural dyes, water-based pigments with no volatile organic compounds.
There are no half-tones in the shades they chose
“My skin band is not a fashion trend, and it must be able to move forward, to leave its mark.”
Skin and beauty, colour and softness, she has that special gift that mothers have, of creating harmony.





And that’s where PEAU à PEAU was born! Founded in 2017 by four partners and a team of top textile designers.
The birth band, the first skin-to-skin band collection is online at and I’ve worn it since I was born.
My mother is proud to offer the most beautiful gift that can be given to those who have just received the most wonderful: a birth band for their baby.

A skin against skin band to soothe stress, warm like the sun, promoting sleep and always protecting against infection.

To communicate these emotions, Peau a Peau selected fabrics in its workshops in France that conform to the requirements and regulations of the OKEO-tex 100 label relating to chemical products.
Cotton made with natural fibres, guaranteed pesticide-free, and highly organic (92%).

With huge respect

In accordance with safety requirements and designed to respect the emotional and psychomotor development of infants, PEAU A PEAU birth bands are tested in laboratories according to the specifications of the European standard NF EN 13209-2.

Communicating the emotions

PEAU A PEAU has designed a product through a traditional understanding of the earliest mother-child relationship.
Their ambition is to provide as many people as possible with a reassuring textile that promotes a close emotional connection between mother and baby in complete safety, both in the maternity ward and at home.
This birth band is already widely used in maternity and neonatal services.

Make them a gift for your little one, and they will be a gift for you too!