The skin to skin baby tube is for use up to four months, the baby, naked or in a nappy, is placed chest to chest directly against the parent. It can be used for all babies and premature babies able to breathe independently. The adult holding the newborn in skin-to-skin contact should always be in a reclining or semi-sitting position.

WARNING: The Peau à Peau skin-to-skin baby tube is not a baby carrier!

The baby should be positioned correctly according to the “Kangaroo Mother Care” method described in the WHO 2004 practical guide OMS 2004. The baby is placed to the side, with the head always clear, especially the mouth and nose.
The top of the baby band stops just below the baby’s ears. The neck is not bent forwards or backwards.
The shoulders and chest face the mother, with the baby’s legs bent up, like a frog, and this slightly extended position avoids any risk of obstruction and lets you see your baby’s face at all times.

All simple basic precautions
to ensure that everything feels natural