Peau à Peau baby bands are straightforward to put in place


How do I make sure the baby is correctly positioned in the baby band?

The newborn should be placed undressed skin-to-skin against the mother’s chest in an upright position. The baby’s legs are wide apart and fold in on themselves (in a frog-like position). The baby’s head is turned to the side to keep the airway clear. The baby band should reach to just below the ears and keep the baby’s neck secure.

Care of the baby band:

The organic cotton elastane composition brings lots of softness and flexibility to the baby band. It can be washed at 60°. We recommend that you do not tumble dry it to preserve its elasticity.

Recommendations for use:

Maximum age for use: three months. WARNING: this baby band should not be used as a baby carrier. If you need to move with the baby in the baby band, support your child. Take care: in the event of movement or displacement, you can be unbalanced by the weight of your baby. Make sure the baby is still breathing normally and that his airways are never blocked. Check the condition of the seams regularly and do not use the baby band if it is damaged.